The Quantum Thomist

Musings about quantum physics, classical philosophy, and the connection between the two.
Who is Nigel Cundy?

I received my undergraduate degree in physics and doctorate in Theoretical Physics from the University of Oxford. Since then, I have held research positions in Germany and South Korea, before moving back to the UK towards the end of 2015. I have been researching and teaching fundamental particle physics for about 15 years, with over fifty academic publications and numerous presentations at conferences and seminars. My area of research involves theoretical computer simulations of the fundamental physical theory of quantum field theory, which is a merger between quantum mechanics and special relativity, and the basis of our current best theories of physics. I have taught courses on, among others, relativistic quantum mechanics, general relativity and quantum field theory.

I have had an amateur interest in classical philosophy since first studying the writings of Thomas Aquinas when I was a graduate student. That inspired me to read and research Plato, Aristotle, and more modern writers in the Thomist tradition (with the most influential being Edward Feser, David Oderberg, and Étienne Gilson). I thus have a good knowledge of classical philosophy to go along with my expert knowledge of fundamental physics.

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