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Is God a failed Hypothesis? Part 1: Introduction

Last modified on Sun Jul 12 22:07:17 2020

I begin a review of Victor Stenger's book God: The failed hypothesis. This post gives an introduction and an overview of his work.

On Existential Intertia and Divine Conservation

Last modified on Tue Jun 23 23:18:15 2020

Existential inertia is the belief that things have an intrinsic tendency to persist in existence (unless something external to them causes them to cease to exist). Divine conservation is the belief that things need the continuous actions of an external cause to allow them to persist in existence. This discussion is at the heart of the debate between theism and atheism, so it is perhaps surprising that it isn't discussed more. In this post, I outline the issues, and offer a few tentative thoughts.

Riots and Racism

Last modified on Fri Jun 5 22:52:55 2020

There has been a recent social disturbance over the actions of a certain police officer, and its racial implications. I offer a thought.

Clarifying Catholicism interview.

Last modified on Fri May 29 21:21:46 2020

I was recently interviewed by William Deatherage of Clarifying Catholicsm.

On Bell's Theorem

Last modified on Sun May 10 14:34:14 2020

Bell's theorem is one of the most important contributions to the philosophy of quantum physics. In particular, it is claimed that it undermines either realism in physics or the principle of locality. My response to this is that it undermines certain models of realism, but not all. In this post, I explore this in more depth.

A Universe from Nothing? Part 7: Concluding thoughts

Last modified on Tue Apr 7 21:01:33 2020

I offer my concluding thoughts on Lawrance Krauss' work A Universe From Nothing, focussing on his preface and epilogue.

Probability, Fields and Bell's Theorem

Last modified on Sun Mar 22 22:57:34 2020

I reply to certain recent comments on various posts on my blog.

Classical theism podcast.

Last modified on Sat Dec 21 22:25:09 2019

If you haven't yet done so please check out the classical theism podcast.

A Universe from Nothing? Part 6: Where do the laws come from?

Last modified on Wed Dec 11 22:37:17 2019

I review chapter 11 of Krauss' Universe From Nothing. In this chapter, he argues that the laws of physics themselves might spring forth from a combination of the multiverse and randomness. But where do the laws governing the multiverse come from?.

Are left-wing and right-wing politics a false dichotomy?

Last modified on Sun Nov 17 20:33:04 2019

In politics, we are constantly told that there is a left, a right, and a centre. But is that a reasonable metaphor to use? Are the various political positions points along the same line, or do they belong on entirely different lines altogether?

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