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Classical theism podcast.
Last modified on Sat Dec 21 22:25:09 2019

If you haven't yet done so, then please pay a visit to the Classical Theism Podcast. It is a great resource, with numerous interviews with some of the leading contemporary thinkers and apologists for classical theism and classical philosophy.

I wouldn't describe myself as a leading thinker, but John De Rosa also contacted me a little while ago to see if I could have an interview with him. The interview will be posted on December 23rd 2019. We had a good discussion. Topics included why I became interested in classical theism, why I included a chapter on ethics in a book about the philosophy of science, and my work on reconciling an Aristotelian philosophy with contemporary physics.

Reader Comments:

1. John Not Real Name
Posted at 14:07:47 Monday December 23 2019

Today is the 23.12.19!

Today is the day but when are they going to put it up as most of the Catholic revival is going on in the United States of America so time zone issues.

Thank You for your content Dr Nigel Cundy (I have a weird obsession with writing out the full names of people or places e.t.c. please bear with me).

2. Scott Lynch
Posted at 18:11:16 Saturday December 28 2019

Great Interview!

Yes the book really was a fantastic read. The section on ethics was an unexpected gem. Excellent refutation of utilitarianism and the Humean is/ought objection.

I really wish John DeRosa had a chance to talk to you about the unicity of form, specifically, what you say in your blog and book about how the Hamiltonian of a water molecule is not a linear combination of the Hamiltonian of hydrogen and oxygen. I would love to see an entire blog dedicated to fleshing that our for us non-specialists. Of course I am sure your plate is full. Even a link or two in lieu of that would be great.

3. Tim S
Posted at 19:54:19 Sunday December 29 2019


Just wanted to alert you (if you aren't already aware) of a unhelpful comment from a person named Mat. I think it is either worth addressing or deleting. It is on the relationship bill post. I might have a different view than you, but I'd delete or respond to it.

4. Nigel Cundy
Posted at 17:39:13 Monday December 30 2019

Relationship bills post

Thanks Tim. I had missed that post. I don't like deleting comments which aren't obviously spam or abusive, so I will have to make a brief reply.

5. Will Worrock
Posted at 04:37:15 Sunday January 19 2020

Dr. Cundy, I have been reading your blog recently and have become a big fan. I have a question, however. According to Thomistic metaphysics, what are the different types of motion? Because in all the examples I can think of are examples of local motion. What are the other kinds?

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